Le Sigh

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Wishing myself back to in time to the James Turrell exhibit…

Spring is here. It’s official. It’s great.

The photographs accompanying this article gave me chills. Velasquez paintings come to life. 

This article really resonated with me – perhaps it is because living in New York you are constantly dealing with loss because you are constantly dealing with change.

I heart Tony Hale! 

I like the idea of a work uniform – but then I feel like you’ve got to be impeccably groomed for that to work. Impeccably groomed I am not.

Art has the blues. 

The question of art and boundaries – especially with children – will always be a gray area. This article was fascinating. I felt myself jumping to judgements and then reminding myself I don’t have kids. I cannot even begin to relate the complexities of Sally Mann’s relationship with her children.

Mark Rylance in Wolf Hall for the win! 


Funny Women

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Good advice from a Master.

Did you watch the Parks & Rec finale? SO GOOD. I love Leslie so much. It was bittersweet. Sad to see it go and sad to think about Harris Whittels passing.

BUT – we got this gem: Late Night Finale – Lil Sebastien 

Not to mention THIS.

Now – this is a throwback. It may not be Thursday yet, but it is so funny and highlights so many women I grew up loving:

This 1970 New York Times Trend Piece on Woman Comedians Is Eternal

I’ve been thinking TOO MUCH about Gilda (Radner). The SNL special definitely tried to pay tribute – and bless Emma Stone’s heart – but, man. Gilda can not be replicated.

This is a pretty good round-up. 

BUT – this is my favorite.