Le Sigh

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Wishing myself back to in time to the James Turrell exhibit…

Spring is here. It’s official. It’s great.

The photographs accompanying this article gave me chills. Velasquez paintings come to life. 

This article really resonated with me – perhaps it is because living in New York you are constantly dealing with loss because you are constantly dealing with change.

I heart Tony Hale! 

I like the idea of a work uniform – but then I feel like you’ve got to be impeccably groomed for that to work. Impeccably groomed I am not.

Art has the blues. 

The question of art and boundaries – especially with children – will always be a gray area. This article was fascinating. I felt myself jumping to judgements and then reminding myself I don’t have kids. I cannot even begin to relate the complexities of Sally Mann’s relationship with her children.

Mark Rylance in Wolf Hall for the win! 


Rainy Weekend Distractions

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We just saw Vertigo on the big screen. Seemed like a good rainy-day thing to do.

Gotta say – Hitchcock was such a master of image and mood that it’s easy to forget how horribly written some of his movies are. I love me some Jimmy Stewart, but even I had a hard time swallowing some of his lines.

This interview with Kim Novak is great – what a bad ass. On her husband:

“When Bob and I were dating, I had one llama, and whenever we’d walk around [the llama would] come and walk between us,” she says, her voice retaining its unmistakable husky tones. “So Bob said, ‘You’ve got to get rid of that thing!’ And I told him, ‘You’re bringing two kids into the relationship. I get to bring one llama.’ So he said, ‘All right, then we better get another one.’”

My other weekend wanderings include:

Art World canine blogger? YES PLEASE! 

As an Irish-American, I should know so much more about The Troubles. After reading this article, I cannot read enough about it: Where The Bodies Are Buried

Obsessing over this brilliant American Bison Sculpture. Somebody lend me $23k to buy this on Etsy!

Addressing sexual harassment in the theater – about time.

This is so gossipy – but I cannot look away: Was Picasso a Scientologist?

To be a ballerina. Sigh. I love this story. 

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Slow Down for Art!

This Summer, I spent two weeks in Spain. Two glorious weeks of cured meats, unreal landscapes, and soul-stirring art. I felt so alive.

It only took one visit to the Prado to nearly undo my bliss.

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Bufón don Sebastián de Morra – you know what I’m talking about.

This article really nails it. People don’t stop to enjoy art anymore. We’re so programmed to indulge in quick hits of information that we barely spend the time to listen/see/experience what actually moves us. This is especially true in those huge museums that have so much amazing work we feel the need to see it all. We want only the best and we want to instagram it asap so we can prove we were there, dammit!

As of last night, however, my faith in humanity has been restored! I went to see Egon Schiele at the Neue Galerie. In such a beautiful small space people took their time with the work. It was really lovely to see the same faces go back to linger over a particular piece. Looking at art can be fun with other people around – particularly when taking photos is strictly forbidden!

Millennial Madness

Okay, New York Times. I get it. Millennials are all the rage. You are obligated to comment. But seriously – this article says nothing. A lot of words are thrown around – Networked! “Girls”! Creatives! – but ultimately it is empty noise. Every generation has its traumas, technological advances, and values. This is not news, even for the Style section. Sigh.

Are Millennials costume material yet (the way that a 60s outfit means hippie means long hair and bellbottoms)? This article is like the description on a Halloween costume pack: H&M + idealism + tofu = Millennial.

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Art History Major, Nerding Out

The New York Times is running several stories on the amazing discovery this week of 1,500 or so works of art that were confiscated by the Nazis during WWII. This article is a fascinating read – describing just a few of the gems unearthed in a nondescript Munich apartment.

This kind of thing makes me believe in magic.

The Rape of Europa is a great documentary about the Monuments Men that really puts into perspective what a blow WWII was to the art world.

Apparently there is a George Clooney film  about the Monuments Men coming out in February! Woohoo!