A New Day

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It’s Thursday! Which means it’s almost Friday! Which means 2 whole days of glory (aka the weekend) are fast approaching!

Sometimes it feels like I spend all my time counting down to weekends. Sigh. But how do you stay in the moment if it’s a moment you don’t particularly want to be in? For example, that moment at work when your weird co-worker starts talking about how much they love workshops on negotiation technique (true story).

I’m working on it, but sometimes being present consists of counting down the seconds for something to be over. It’s like yoga – the pain of holding the pose is worth it once you straighten that knee and get a flush of accomplishment and relief. Gotta keep that in mind – sometimes the reward comes once you’ve made it through.

A good reason to get excited about Friday – this Nina Simone documentary premieres on Netflix.

Looking forward to actually using a farmer’s market buy this weekend with this recipe.

I love Linda Rodin! I am going to take her advice on more sleep to heart this weekend.

I am obsessed with this swimsuit… it’s on sale… decisions, decisions.

Alright – another 24 hours to make it through and we’re all FREE!

BTW – lovely painting by Clyfford Still.


In The Thick Of It

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Who has the time for anything?

Since moving and starting a new job I feel like when I’m not working all I can do is move my body and rest my brain. Great for my butt – not so great for my mind.

Full disclosure – I am not a Dali fan (maybe it’s the headache of how many fakes there are out there). That being said, this melting clock – I get it now.

So how do we deal? Be present. Ugh. Just be present. I’m working on it. Those delicious little moments you find can last forever if you stay with them. Remembering to do that though is the tricky part. My mind is trained to leap forward and plan the upcoming hour for maximum efficiency. The problem with that being I miss out on those wonderful in-between parts of the day that are actually the most joyful.

I will say this – Seattle certainly encourages being present. It’s so beautiful here. It’s hard not to stop and take a breath when you realize a huge mountain is looming in the distance or a breeze brings the briny sound air to your morning walk. I am working on treasuring those moments and holding them with me through my days.

Le sigh. The work never ends, does it?

Below are some neat things – mostly art – that are keeping me present.

When to close your eyes. 

This is fascinating – I certainly believe how I eat contributes to my state of mind. 

Just finished this book – a deeply moving story of how life can change in an instant.

Sufjan Stevens newest album Carrie and Lowell is a work of art. 

Bigger Stuff

I hate flying. It scares me, knowing how little control I have at 35,000 feet in the air. Everytime a plane crash is in the news it only confirms my fears.

So when news came out about the Germanwings flight I felt dreadful. My heart is hurting for all the families affected by this tragedy.

Life is unpredictable. You never know when you might lose something, or when you might be lost. I am constantly reminded to be in my moments – good or bad – and make them last.

My goal this year was to overcome lingering insecurities – this helps – in the professional realm, but it’s bigger than that. Insecurities seem so small when you start to think about how big life can be if you truly appreciate the time you have.


So let’s all get out there and tell people we love them and sit on beaches and eat donuts. Life is just too short.

Just Keep Swimming…

I’ve been trying VERY HARD lately to be more mindful.

It ain’t easy for a lot of reasons – we young folks like to be consuming media and avoiding real life whenever possible – but I was surprised at how much pain I felt. I am not great at dealing with problems head-on. I like to bury my feelings, thankyouverymuch. Unfortunately for me, that creates a big sadness fog that I just can’t seem to escape.

In my quest for guidance, I picked up Noah Levine’s book Against the Stream. The book is largely about the practice of Buddhism – which is a pretty fucking great guide to living right. He likens choosing a more mindful path to being a revolutionary, because it is a choice against the status quo. A choice against all the “shoulds” we are taught bring happiness.

Plus – Noah Levine looks pretty bad ass, so I’m inclined to listen to what he’s got to say:

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 2.27.39 PM

I was listening to a Dharma Punx (his organization) talk today and was struck by the following idea:

The consequence of love is inevitable grief.

Very true. I believe this was in reference specifically to the fact we all die, but it feels bigger to me. Taking the good with the bad sucks – but it is in meeting pain with compassion that we get to fully enjoy all the good stuff.

It just takes never-ending work to get there. Sigh.