Le Sigh

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Wishing myself back to in time to the James Turrell exhibit…

Spring is here. It’s official. It’s great.

The photographs accompanying this article gave me chills. Velasquez paintings come to life. 

This article really resonated with me – perhaps it is because living in New York you are constantly dealing with loss because you are constantly dealing with change.

I heart Tony Hale! 

I like the idea of a work uniform – but then I feel like you’ve got to be impeccably groomed for that to work. Impeccably groomed I am not.

Art has the blues. 

The question of art and boundaries – especially with children – will always be a gray area. This article was fascinating. I felt myself jumping to judgements and then reminding myself I don’t have kids. I cannot even begin to relate the complexities of Sally Mann’s relationship with her children.

Mark Rylance in Wolf Hall for the win! 


Art Uncovered!

It never ceases to amaze me how art can be “discovered” after languishing in attics or frames for years. Two great discoveries were made this month alone!

Two New Cézanne Works Discovered by Barnes Foundation Museum

Unknown Goya Self-Portrait Discovered Languishing in French Museum

And next up – New York art fairs. Whew. SO MUCH SCHMOOZING TO DO. 

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(This is me schmoozing on a good day)