Rejoice – Tuesday Is Over!

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One day I will own a telescope. And I will see amazing things. And I will be able to call myself a “sky-watcher”.  Sigh. So dreamy.

St. Vincent will you puhleaze just be my best friend? Sigh. She is just too cool.

I think I want this? Or do I just want more art? I cannot decide if this kind of technology is good or bad for art…

Loved this album. Now loving this album.

This is a great article. What a neat lady with such a neat job.

My body is crying out for some chocolate right now. Is this a healthy choice? 

And so the Serial serial continues… 



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Sigh. The weekend is never long enough. Why don’t we always have 3-day weekends again?

It’s tulip season! The pic above is of a tulip field. It looks like a painting. I bought a dozen red tulips today. They practically opened up the minute I got them into the apartment. Nature is insane.

Um. I watched a lot of movies this weekend. Top Netflix picks:

Weekend – a gorgeous love story. This film truly depicts what it is like to fall hard & fast for someone.

The Central Park Five – a tragic, but very important movie. This film is incredibly relevant today. It is a lesson I sometimes forget – always question the story you are told. Just because “the authorities” say it’s truth, you shouldn’t settle until you have reviewed the information for yourself.

This is a fascinating look at how couples interpret arguments. Been there.

Vintage Avengers plotlines? Yes, please!

San Francisco has a dog mayor, named Frida?!! I only know this because of this story about Virgin America’s Operation Chihuahua program. Not because I go around googling “dog mayors”…

Lonni Sue Johnson’s story in the New Yorker is heartbreaking – but also an inspiration.

Now back to enjoying the remaining hours of the weekend!

A Little Comfort

Nothing better on a Thursday night than a pizza and a movie. Tonight we enjoyed The Lady From Shanghai – so pulpy, but it’s great fun. Rita Hayworth is unbelievably stunning – and Orson Welles has a stunningly campy Irish accent.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 9.23.01 PM


Not gonna lie – we ordered pizza. That being said, I cannot wait to make this recipe. You can GRILL pizza?!?!

Um – this story warms my little heart: 10-Year-Old Girl Gets $60k from Shark Tank for her Lemonade Stand

I am obsessing over how to get our apartment together and spending way too much obsessing over New Ways to Hang Artwork. 

This article makes me very grateful I no longer have a 45-minute D-train ride to work!

Bigger Stuff

I hate flying. It scares me, knowing how little control I have at 35,000 feet in the air. Everytime a plane crash is in the news it only confirms my fears.

So when news came out about the Germanwings flight I felt dreadful. My heart is hurting for all the families affected by this tragedy.

Life is unpredictable. You never know when you might lose something, or when you might be lost. I am constantly reminded to be in my moments – good or bad – and make them last.

My goal this year was to overcome lingering insecurities – this helps – in the professional realm, but it’s bigger than that. Insecurities seem so small when you start to think about how big life can be if you truly appreciate the time you have.


So let’s all get out there and tell people we love them and sit on beaches and eat donuts. Life is just too short.

Escapism Escapades!

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 8.42.35 PM

Time to get ready for the week (yuck)!

I’m desperately trying to dodge that reality by losing myself in Bloodline. Coach Carter – such a dark role for him.

Chihuahua found in checked luggage?!? I’m just relieved this headline wasn’t about my own little Chi, Ricky.

I cannot stop thinking about The Jinx – the curious creature that is Robert Durst.

The painting above is by Thomas Darnell – his work makes me feel appropriately Spring-y.

Could I get away with this outfit at a wedding? Not feeling the typical cocktail dress look right now.


Rainy Weekend Distractions

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 7.22.06 PM

We just saw Vertigo on the big screen. Seemed like a good rainy-day thing to do.

Gotta say – Hitchcock was such a master of image and mood that it’s easy to forget how horribly written some of his movies are. I love me some Jimmy Stewart, but even I had a hard time swallowing some of his lines.

This interview with Kim Novak is great – what a bad ass. On her husband:

“When Bob and I were dating, I had one llama, and whenever we’d walk around [the llama would] come and walk between us,” she says, her voice retaining its unmistakable husky tones. “So Bob said, ‘You’ve got to get rid of that thing!’ And I told him, ‘You’re bringing two kids into the relationship. I get to bring one llama.’ So he said, ‘All right, then we better get another one.’”

My other weekend wanderings include:

Art World canine blogger? YES PLEASE! 

As an Irish-American, I should know so much more about The Troubles. After reading this article, I cannot read enough about it: Where The Bodies Are Buried

Obsessing over this brilliant American Bison Sculpture. Somebody lend me $23k to buy this on Etsy!

Addressing sexual harassment in the theater – about time.

This is so gossipy – but I cannot look away: Was Picasso a Scientologist?

To be a ballerina. Sigh. I love this story. 

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