Same as it ever was…

It’s my birthday. So fuck it.

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 2.22.35 PM

I don’t really mind getting older, but I do hate “growing up”. What am I doing with my life? Am I happy? Where is all this going?

I’m not sure. I’ll probably never be sure. Logically I know that’s okay – but the tiny control freak in me keeps screaming, “JUST FIGURE IT ALL OUT ALREADY!”.

Sigh. Okay internets – what you got for a birthday girl?

This is terrifying. I’ve strangely become a bad flier in the past year, and a mid-air collision is basically my worst nightmare.

Bonjour Cannes! Carole Bouquet – I just want to be you when I grow up.

Hmmm. This interview is a bit much, but I am intrigued nonetheless…


Shakespeare On The Spot

The Boy and I went to see Improvised Shakespeare last night. We go every time they come to town and every time it is AWESOME. These guys just can’t do wrong:

It was silly – but also really inspiring. I wish I could pull classical language out of my butt like that. Thomas Middleditch from Silicon Valley performed – which was neat since the last time we saw him do improv was with Improvised Shakespeare about 4 years ago.

Trouble Pups

My dog is what most people would consider a “problem dog”. He was seriously abused and came to us from a rescue group that saved him from animal shelter “death row”. We didn’t really understand his issues – we just thought he was handsome. Turns out he is anxious, he’ll bite if people reach for his face too quick, and he’s pretty rude.

We’re working on it.

I dreamed of having a pup FOREVER. In my dreams, my dog was a cutie who got along with everyone. Brooklyn’s most popular dog. I didn’t want a problem dog. But then Ricky found us.

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 9.04.56 PM

He is crazy. He is a Chihuahua. But worth it. People always say that if the work isn’t hard the reward isn’t worth it. I never really felt this way about actual work, but I do feel that way about this dog.  He is so afraid of the world, but he feels safe with us. It’s taken some time, but now I get home from work and all he wants is to lick my face. At night, we turn off the lights and he snuggles up into me. And that makes all the work worth it.

I guess I am capable of more love than I ever though possible. Even for a crazy little pooch.

Eff Yeah! It’s FRIDAY!


While I am not out clubbing/enjoying the high life – I am at home switching out my Winter coats for Spring dresses! Eff Yeah for that!

My boy exposed me to a new twitter thingy last night (waaaay behind the times over here, not being on the tweeter myself) #tbt. If I had known throw back Thursday was a thing I would have been all over that. I love a good throw back! So I’m pulling a #tbf – watching Sex and the City while excavating my closet. I forgot how silly and wonderful this show is!

Pretty much all of this series is impossible and ridiculous – but I can’t help but love it a little:



Thank God it’s (almost) Friday!

This work week has been a shitty one. Lots of changes, lots of mistakes, and lots of signs it’s time for me to think about jumping ship. Work is just work – and I try to leave it at the office – but it’s hard to do when your boss(es) have their heads up their butts. Sigh. I hate LinkedIn, but it might be time for a visit…

At least Emma Stone did this:

I am in awe – she has managed to pull off classy lady + Master of silliness in one move.

Speaking of Emmas – this news did not surprise me one bit. The French are insane for Friends.

This article opened my eyes to how much crap goes into mass-market wine. It’s crazy interesting and makes me giggle when I think about how picky people would get about their $15 Malbec when I worked at a wine shop.

I know I am late to the game, but I can’t stop thinking about Donna’ Tartt’s The Goldfinch. I finished it awhile ago and now the boy is reading it – I’m vicariously re-living the book through him. It’s not so much that the language of the book is extroadinary, but the storytelling is romantic and fine (odd word choice, I know). It’s the most satisfying read I’ve had all year.

The painting of the title is real – and the backstory is fascinating. The artist died young and this piece is one of a handful of works that remain.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 9.29.05 PM

A little something to tug at the heartstrings a bit – and remind us all that people can be fucking awesome.