Giving Thanks

Had a lovely Friendsgiving yesterday.  I throughly enjoyed massive amounts of cheese – even if I can hardly waddle out of the apartment today.

But I completely forgot to give thanks! So here it goes:

I am sooooo thankful for –

My dog, Ricky. He can be a menace but I love him to pieces.

My boyfriend. He can also be a menace but is silly and lovely most of the time.

Cooking. My solace.

Art. This includes films, theater, etc. Keeps my belief in magic alive.

Laughter. My sanity.

Good books. Heck – even mediocre books. Anything with real pages.

Yoga. Even if I fall lots.

My apartment. Warm & cozy. Nothing fancy but it is home.

Family. Drive me nuts but they are my story and I love them.



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Sir Ian, Sir Ian, Sir Ian

Me and the boyfriend saw No Man’s Land – on B’way currently starring Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart (not to mention a very good Billy Crudup). How adorable are Sir Ian & Sir Patrick?

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 1.58.14 PM

Loved it – watching truly skilled actors have a go at Pinter is such a joy.

But I gotta admit – my mind kept going here:

Bergman & Rossellini

I’ve been devouring Rossellini films this month (by way of Hulu Plus). It’s as though I am time traveling when I watch his films. They feel so disturbingly real.

Whenever I think about the man himself, I always picture Ingrid Bergman by his side. They were one of the greatest – and most scandalous – love stories of the century. Like all great romances, it ended poorly, but at least we have the magnificent Isabella Rossellini as a souvenir.

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This past week has been such a whirlwind – the approaching holiday season has set the universe at turbo-speed.

Le sigh.

Yesterday, my yoga teacher referenced this video – which brought me back to earth: